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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 27, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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f.b.n. -- >> demand it! neil: glenn is now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: hello, america. tonight what is happening in venezuela may remind you of something that you're not seeing just under the surface here in america. we'll show you. indoctrination and so much more. tonight, a show you don't want to miss. it's all coming together, isn't it? if you believe this country is great but the government is trying to change america, fundamentally transform america, well, you better stand up. come, follow me.
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well, hello, america. you know, i've been trying to figure this out, and there is one thing that critics of this program don't understand, that i think out loud, and these are not rhetorical questions that i'm asking. i really want answers. if i'm wrong, please let me know how. help me figure the puzzle out, because that's what this is. life has become a stupid puzzle for quite some time. i've known back in the bush administration when they weren't fixing the border and they said yeah, it's all about security, it wasn't right. it wasn't right. you know something's not right and you have known it as well but you can't figure it out, and it's not just that obama is really liberal or the stupid political games of left and right. i'm done playing those games and i think you are, are too. you worry about your children's future. what will the country look
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like in ten years if we just keep going down this course? something bigger is happening, much, much bigger, and nobody is talking about it. nobody is even trying to figure it out, except it feels like you and me. i believe last night on this program, it was an ah-ha moment for anybody in america that is really trying to just open their mind and figure things out. when i showed you this board last night, the apollo alliance, ok, oh, look, it is acorn. acorn's founder wade rathke is former chairman of tides center. that's weird! rathke was on the tides board. acorn, tides, apollo, van jones, jeff jones, weather underground, and seiu is on the other side of that. i mean, acorn, tides, seiu, all these connections, i mean, an we're seeing now how
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they're all intertwined. the same people keep popping up over and over again. it's pretty eye-opening, but when you combine that with what is being mobilized, i mean -- what's happening? it is absolutely frightening what it looks like is coming our way. i mean, it will have -- unless you like france or something worse. how do we know what anybody in this administration is really working towards, because they won't talk to people at fox. they won't talk to anybody who will ask them a tough question. last night i played this audio for you, and i think it takes on a whole new light when you actually listen into the context of what you have learned over the last couple of months. listen. this is the president of the united states. >> the supreme court dmeferrer looked at the redistribution of wealth. the tragedy of the civil rights movement is because it became so court focused, i think there was a tendency to lose track of the political
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and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistribution of change." >> sorry, oscar. "lose track of the political and community --" what happened to it? it was over there. it was up on the 103 over here. oh, well. "you lose track of the political community organizing action on the ground that can bring together the coalition of powers which bring about the redistribution of wealth." well, let's look at this. see, what do we have here? we have the coalition of power. we have the community organizing. this is the structure that's going to bring the redistribution of wealth. this is it. it doesn't take a genius to figure it out, and you know
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what? soros, nobody is looking at soros, he's not really playing a role here. how appropriate i can't really fully erase his name from the board, huh? change these arrows, and now they go both ways. what happened? you have tides, apollo, acorn, seiu and acorn. you have it all. i mean, look at who president obama -- look at who he is. who is this man? ok. we know that he was mentored by a communist in his youth, all right. communist in his youth. all right, who hadn't had a communityist mentor? ok, nobody i know, but he did. that's ok. is there any piece of him, what piece did he take from frank marshall davis, i would like to know? then he said in his own words he sought out marxist professors at college. so we have communism and then we have marxism, and then he
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went to a black liberation theology church for 20 years. look up black liberation theology, will you? marxist, that's what it is. when this first came out of his words with reverend wright, i looked it up. it is marxism. it started in south america as a way for revoluntionaries to take hold because the church was so strong. they needed to get marxism into the churches. that's what this is. then he worked his whole life for social justice. look social justice up. it is synonymous with the theology of marxism. socialism. you got socialists working -- i mean, i don't know what you call it. i really don't know what it is. what should we believe? does the man believe in marxism? your made into an idiot if you say something like that, but what we're doing right now is
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not the free market system. i don't know what you call it. it's shades of something here. i don't know what it is, but nobody will even ask the question, what do you call spreading the wealth around? what do you call what he just said, that you need to look at the community organizers and the structure that they can make that will lead to the redistribution of wealth. what do you call that? it's not the free market system, although there is a lot of free up on that board. he is certainly not forgotten or lost track of the political and community organizing activities on the ground. political, tides, organizing, unions, acorn. he has not lost how they can pull together the actual coalitions of powers to which you bring about redistry buttive change. now, if you're going to
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fund oomentsally transform our -- if you're going to fundamentally transform our country, which is what he has said he is going to do, he better do it fast before people start to catch on. if if you start to catch on, you better have control of the media. sorry to say, most of the media has already surrendered to this government. they didn't even have to march in. they just surrendered. you know what? i'm never going to surrender and i believe most at fox will never surrender, but we all have our own decisions to make, and here's the great thing. right now they can't sit on things anymore. no, no, no. cbs, abc, nbc, they can't just say, well, we're not going to talk about socialism and marxism, we're not going to talk about his history or the coalition of power that can bring redistrib buttive change^ , we're not going to talk about that. it will just go away. now that doesn't happen, because fox is here, and also just as importantly, the internet is. oh, but did you notice there
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are new rules being contemplated about the internet? two of obama's czars, regulatory czar cass sunstein and diversity czar mark lloyd, we haven't spent much time on him but maybe we should start. mark lloyd, this is what he said about the chavez revolution. >> >> venezuela had a incredible revolution for social change. with chavez, it was incredible." >> many people here from washington and the united states made it difficult for that washington to take place. oh, those darn pesky broadcasters. oh, glenn was just talking about chavez. it would never happen here in america. real really? >> what we're really saying is that the fairness doctrine is not enough, and that having a
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sort of overarching rule that says broadcasters ought to be fair, ought to provide issues important to communities and that they ought to do it in a fair and balanced way is simply enough unless you put some teeth into that and put some hard structural rules in place that are going to result in fairness." glenn: result in fairness. he defines that, by the way -- i hate to put words in his mouth, but gosh, i have seen a lot of his words. he defines that as the government have complete control of the airwaves. by the way, that was from way, way, way back in 2007. oh, i know, we're just cherry picking the quotes. it's not like he wanted to regulate who is allowed to have any kind of power, right? >> we have really truly good white people in important positions, and the fact of the matter is that there are a
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limited number of those positions, and unless we are conscience shes of the need to have more people of color, gays, other people in those positions, we will not change the problem. we're in a position where you have to say who is going to step down so someone else can have power." glenn: wow. thank you united states government. i don't find that in that pesky constitution anywhere, but thank you. who is going to step down so someone else can have power? well, this is obama hand-picked diversity czar. he says that the revolution in venezuela was important. the fairness doctrine doesn't go far enough, and that we need to look at who is going to step down so someone else can have power. well, how are you possibly going to ever convince the american people that this is right? well, let me show you something. first of all, here are the three questions we are going to try to answer today. if you want to change america, if you want to change it, what
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are you going to change it to? what is it that we're changing to? second question, how do you change it? well, you use this structure. that's how you change it, and the third question, how do you make it last? how do you make it last? this is so unamerican, what you just heard from the diversity czar is so opposite of what we're used to. who is going to step down so the government can have somebody step up with power? well, it reminds me something i saw this morning on fox when i was watching "fox & friends." look at what is happening in venezuela. watch this. >> inside the schoolyard, they play nice. gym class, homework, milk and cookies, innocence. outside with the adults, it is another story. tear gas, riot police, a nationwide fight raging here over what to teach in venezuela's schools. the man who controls this
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country's presidency, its oil, courts, parliament and media is now trying to control its future. venezuela's children, with a new law on education. >> in a capitalist society, it is all about the individual. here, no, we are all the same. we are all being socialized. >> chavez is openly defiant about his goal, indoctrination of the young. >> yes, we are indoctrinating the children from the first grade through college, every grade, private schools, the ideology of socialism, our ideology. >> with the two sides squaring off in the streets, the unusual situation results. on the first day of school, some of the parents more nervous than the children. glenn: i can't imagine why, it's just socialism. we're all socialists now, aren't we? that's what our media is saying. if you don't know what it means to redistribute the wealth, come here. joe and harry, come here.
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joe, do you have any money on you? joe is just one of these fat capitalists here. he's making all that money. give me your money. harry, you don't make enough. no, no, you keep this. you take that. thank you. that's what it means. that seems pretty american, doesn't it, take money if are joe to give it to harry, and if harry gets fat and sassy i just might take it from him and oh, if anybody wants to start a company, you come to me. that's not american. that's socialism. chavez style. well, chavez is crazy, right? we would never do that here? right? well, fortunately for us, we have watchdogs. i have asked you to keep an eye on this government, keep an eye on what's going on. you see something wrong, you let us know. i got a tip from a guy who doesn't want to be identified because he is afraid. i told him i wouldn't identify him. he said this is being played in my child's school, and we found out it's being played in
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schools all across america. let me ask you if you want your kids learning about capitalism and how our government works and how capitalism works, your tax-pair supported schools are playing this -- >> well, let's start with the government. my friends tell me i should use a tank to symbolize the government and that's true in many countries and increasingly in our own. after all, 50% of our federal tax money goes to the military, but i need a person to symbolize the government because i hold true to the vision and values that the government should be of the people, for the people, by the people. glenn: first of all, a tank to symbolize our government. well, we're just a bunch of warmongers, aren't we? not only are they villifying the military here, they're wrong. 50% of tax money does not go to the military. it is actually more along the lines of 20%. they intentionally take out medicare, medicaid and social security from the equation.
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where did they get that stat? from the war resistors league. the war resistors league? gee, that sounds very anti-war. it is an anti-war group. that's where they got the stat. but let's hear a little bit more about our government. well, what does she say in this that our government's job actually is? >> i hold true to the vision and values that the government should be of the people, by the people, for the people. it's the government's job to watch out for us, take care of us. that's their job. then, along came the corporations. now, the reason the corporation looks bigger than the government is that the corporation is bigger than the government. glenn: ahhhh! first of all, i was with you on the left. george bush is in bed with global government. i was with you! yep! where are you now? g.e. is not in bed? hello! by the way, the job of the government -- this is what is being taught in some of the
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schools across the country. the job of the kun government is to take care of you. no, it's not! no, it is not! they get this idea to promote the general welfare part of the constitution. i can't believe they get it from there, because i don't think they even read t apparently they don't like to read the words of james madison, the guy who wrote it. he said with respect to the words of general welfare, i have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. if you take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the constitution." enough of this. a metamorphosis! james madison's words. wow. fundamental transformation. fundamental transformation of america, as barack obama would call his change. >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. glenn: let me show you something else here. >> so here we're running up
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against our first limit. we are runing out of resources. we are using too much stuff. now, i know this can be hard to hear but it's the truth so we have to deal with it. in the past two decades alone, one-third of the planet's natural resources have been consumed, gone. we are cutting and mining and hauling and thrashing the place so fast that we're undermining the planet's very ability for people to live here. where i live in the united states, we have less than 4% of our original forests left. glenn: less than 4% of our original forests are left. this stat said 98% of the forests have been logged because of the settlements by europeans. that's all we got left, less than 4%! waaa schavment of course she
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didn't say we replanted those trees. if god didn't think we should use them and replant them, why did he give them seeds? there is more. we use 100% of our trees, there's nothing but less than 4% left! what do when do you think the consumption era started? maybe the roaring 20's? if the circle represents the amount of forest that we had back in 1920, we have to add more trees in here. in fact, 14 million acres of trees, just to get back to what we had in the year 2000. are you kidding me? we're not losing forests, we're gaining forests! yet this video is sweeping the nation, played in your children's schools. the site that posted this video claims millions have watched it. 600,000 educators have watched it. 7,000 schools and churches have ordered this d.v.d. and by the way, the media reported
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on this story. it was "the new york times" that did a story on this, oh, yeah, the new york sometime times said it was fine, it was even better than al gore's "inconvenient truth" because it is shorter and easier to compact in a class segment. you can watch it and then segue into a class discussion. well, that's neat, new york times, thanks, but who made this? who put the address up? if you want to buy this, this is what you do. it is annie leonard, a former greenpeace employee and independent lecturer from brerkly, california, but more importantly, something that nobody has asked -- who made it? the tides foundation. the tides foundation. the tides foundation. it's neat
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in 1977, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the u.s. open once twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism?
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♪ for those who care to look, another way to sell our book ♪ >> our book came out today and it is up against the ted kennedy. he had a whole lifetime to write his. i only had a year. check it out. it's great, and it's full of all the facts that you can use to be able to stop the insanity here. let's actually connect the facts, can we? all right. let's continue with the video a watchdog tipped us off to. teachers are showing it in america. i don't know. maybe it's movie day in chas, but unbelievably uncapitallist
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and wrong on every fact. theythey me show you what the president of bolivia said today, because it might as well be in this movie. take it. >> president obama, i expect like any other party who is part of the u.n., regardless of this debate about climate change, he has good observations but no solutions. we are convinced if we are to save humanity, it is important to save the planet earth. the curse of this planet is capitalism. glenn: what hurts this man set capitalism. boy, that could have been torn out of the movie that is now being shown to your kids. lee doran is part of the competitive enterprise institute. take me through this. how are you are? >> i'm good. how are you? glenn: good. take me through this. first of all, let's show part of the movie being shown in kids' classrooms now. call for number one, please. >> and that brings us to the
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golden era of consumption. this is the heart of the system. the engine that drives it. it is so important that protecting this arrow has become the top priority for both of these guys. that's why after 9/11 when our country was in shock and president bush could have suggested any number of appropriate things, to grieve, to pray, to hope. no, he said to shop. to shop! glenn: i kind of agree with that one. what's the problem? >> well, the only problem is that george bush actually did ask for anyone to pray and grieve. glenn: but let's be fair. he also did say go out and shop. i mean, george bush and the idea of, along with the democrats, both of them, go out and spend more money, the idea -- that's why the stimulus package. they are saying well, it has to happen right now, because that is the engine. we're not builders. we're consumers. that's all america is right now. >> yes, glenn.
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however, i have a little bit of a different opinion on that. if you look in israel, for example, after a terrorist attack, one thing they tell citizens is to go back to the restaurants that were just blown up and the intention is to show people who attack their towns that they can't win. that's one of the reasons why it's appropriate to tell people to shop on that one instance, but other than that -- go ahead. glenn: no, go ahead. >> other than that, it is an ad. i saw a clip on youtube in may about this video. i went through it point by point to debunk t george bush clearly said to pray and grieve. glenn: tell me some of the things in this movie that are just outrageous. >> well, other than attacking capitalism, one of the things that they did in this video is they showed a picture of pillows that little kids sleep on being dumped into toxins as flame retardant. glenn: this is amazing. watch this. we have this clip.
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>> let's see. they put that in flame retar ants, and they are super toxic, neurotoxins, that means toxins to the brain. what are we doing using a chemical like this? yet we put it in mattresses, appliances and even pillows. in fact, we take our pillows. we douse them in a neurotoxin, and we bring them home and put our heads on them for eight hours a night to sheep. i don't know, but it seems to me in this country with so much potential, we could think of a better way of our head to stop from catching on fire at night. >> the flame retardants is to prevent people from catching on fire. i think it was "the washington post" back in 1971 said there were 200,000 deaths a year from people catching on fire, and the retardants reduced that by 20%, so that's about
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40,000 lives saved each year. is it appropriate to show a school burn victims, burn wards to convey this message, why it is important that we have it? >> apparently it is. look, here is the problem with this. what they seem to leave out here is they're making it evil capitalism, but i don't know the capitalist corporation that is saying hey, let's make these flame retardants. nobody was screaming for the flame retardants. i can guarantee who was trying to make these things flame retardant? the government! the government was the one forcing everybody to do these things. it is the government. look, businesses out of control. businesses lost their way. capitalism didn't fail. the free market system didn't fail. good failed. now there is a greed of power in washington. we have to hold all of these people accountable, but that's not happening yet. we're just having that guy in the big monopoly outfit grow bigger and bigger and the guy standing next to him sitting
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on the capital dome, he's getting bigger and bigger as well. thank you for your work, lee, i appreciate t we will be back at the bottom of the hour with (announcer) itchy dry scalp? finally there's new selsun blue itchy dry scalp. leave hair healthy. selsun blue.
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now back to glenn beck. glenn: this is tough.
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i'm tempted to go click right now, but i'm going to continue. we first reported on the story of the n.e.a. calling on artists to produce obama propaganda artwork on september 5. we got this from what you heard was from the n.e.a. conference call that we aired that day. >> this is just the beginning. this is the first television call of a brand new conversation. we are just now learning how to really bring this community together to speak with the government. what that looks like legally, so bear with us as we learn the language, so that we can speak to each other safely, and we can really work together to move the needle and to get stuff done. take photos. take video. post it on your blogs. get the word out.
5:36 am
like i said, this is a community that knows how to make a stink. do it. do it within your town. do it nationally. i would encourage you to pick something, whether it's healthcare, education, the environment. there are four key areas that the corporation has identified as the areas of service." >> through this group, we can create a stronger community amongst ourselves to get involved in things wierer a passionate about as we did during the campaign, but to continue to get involved in those things to support some of the president's initiatives and also to do things that we are passionate about and to push the president." glenn: push the president? remember, it was this guy having a conference call. this is at the n.e.a., national endowment of the arts. this is the big factory with your tax dollars pumping out art, ok. but, of course, never connected to barack obama, no
5:37 am
way! we always thought there was a phantom person who. we didn't know who it was. when we heard this report, of course, fear monger, i was stupid, a hypocrite, quote, just sick when i said that. then we found out a couple of weeks ago that the white house reassigned this gite guy. he is no longer here. he is maybe over here. ok. all right. he has been reassigned. the n.e.a. communications director on the call now gone, but it still didn't feel right to me. now we're learning that there are a couple of new developments. oh, these pesky developments. mike flynn is here. set editor of well, what can you tell us today? >> well, glenn, you know, the story changes by the minute. you just saw the white house put out new guidelines for their conference calls, not when bighollywood first reported this story but when we showed the full transcript and you saw that the white
5:38 am
house organized the call and was a main participant in the call that now the white house has issued new guidelines. there is no guideline that lets you collect grant recipients and ask them to produce art to support your political agenda. glenn: so who was it -- i believe we have new audio here, if you can set this up -- who was it that was, you know, there in the white house, this buffy lady? >> well, this is very interesting. buffy wicks works at the department many of public engagement, a long-time campaign aide to obama and was a union astroturfer, and for years worked for the food and commercial workers union funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to acorn. they worked together with acorn. acorn, union and acorn. wow, that's wierd. >> and she is in the white house in the department of public education. >> let's play a little bit of that audio, please? >> when we we were thinking abot how do we take a lot of this
5:39 am
energy that's out there, how do we translate folks who have just been engaged in electoral poll politics and engage them in really the process of governing, and of being a part of this administration and in a little bit of a different way. politics is one thing and governing is something totally separate, and so we really saw service as the platform by which we could do that. glenn: service is the key. listen to this. >> really the goal is we wanted to bolster civic engagement with this effort. the united states we serve effort. we wanted folks to connect with local non-profit organizations in their community. we wanted them to connect with local city council members or local elected officials. we wanted them to connect with federal agencies, with labor unions, progressive grouping faith groups, women's groups, you name it. glenn: just a second. she wants them to connect. she wants the artists to connect with community groups, unions, labor groups, faith
5:40 am
groups, et cetera, et cetera. buffy, who worked with the unions and acorn, is the one now who was instrumental in yosi -- it wasn't just poor little yo-si? >> no, not just poor little yosi. she is the leading white house official on something called if you went there yesterday and put in acorn, you got a list of options where you could volunteer to work with acorn. the white house is continuing -- glenn: is say eye i'm going to serve the president? >> that's right. the president has a major initiative to encourage volunteers, which is all well and good, but what you hear from ms. wicks, buffy wicks in this call is, that they are going to use that and channel people into left-wing causes an left-wing groups. that's the troubling thing here. glenn: i've only got 40 seconds here. i need to play spot three, because the wall to the white house looks like it's crumbling now.
5:41 am
>> i'm at the office here at the white house. our office does a lot of outreach to communities across the country either by constituency group or by issue. we have about 20 folks and we work under valerie jarrett. she's one of our fantastic leaders and tina chen and so we're really here at your disposal and we want to be helpful to you. >> so valerie jarrett, a lady we have been -- >> yes. yes. glenn: she called barack obama family. she's instrumental. she is the one that got van jones in, right? >> yeah. she was the only interview van jones had. you can see that she is at the nexus in chicago, kind of the daley political machine, the financial interests are, and the radical left. she brings them all together, and you can see through buffy wicks, that is the person she brought in to do the radical left through the initiative. glenn: so the idea that the government is using your tax dollars to make art and the president didn't know anything about it is completely
5:42 am
implausible, because we have our pal val to thank for that. back in a minute. >> that's right. >> killing capitalism through
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but one thing that we should never take for granted are the brave men and women of our volunteered armed forces who daily risk their lives for our freedom. some of these brave warriors have suffered catastrophic injuries. many are missing limbs or have been badly burned. some will suffer the effects of traumatic brain injury for the rest of their lives. the wounded warrior project was created to help and support these injured heroes. regardless of your position on the war, they deserve our help. please consider the many ways that you can get involved. the wounded warrior project's motto is, "the greatest casualty is being forgotten." let's continue to help make this generation the most well-received group of injured veterans
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in our nation's history. we owe it to them. to learn more, call... or visit glenn: ok. we started the show off tonight saying what exactly are we headed towards? i mean, what is it -- these are the influences of the people around barack obama, either now or in his life, all the people, i mean, a lot of the people he has surrounded himself with, all have ties here. so i said how are you going to fundamentally transform america and what are you chaining it to? what are we changing to? then we learned tonight they are doing indoctrination with our kids in schools and we
5:46 am
have propaganda that is happening through the n.e.a. and valerie, whose father, i believe, was a communist. she is into social justice. she's into socialism. i don't know if she's into -- i don't know. we have indoctrination propaganda, so the only thing that's miss something if we have propaganda plus indoctrination, we know that it equals -- what did he call it? fundamental transformation. that's what barack obama says he'sing going to do, fundamentally transform america. prop propagation, plus indoctrination. what are we changing to? it's not the free market system. i want you to understand that there are forces and powers that are structuring this for a long time. this goes way beyond barack obama. they have been gathering together. while most americans have been
5:47 am
busy working. we haven't been gathering together. now is the time to gather together. the 9/12 time was one of those and the tea party is another way. the president and c.e.o. of evergreen freedom foundation is here. i will be out in seattle this weekend giving a speech at safeco field. this is an organization that provides people with information and ways to connect and promote individual liberties, free enterprise, limited accountable government, and i am proud to be out there standing up with them on saturday at safeco field. let's meet the president now, shall we? do we have lynn? hi, lynn, how are you? >> hi, glenn. i'm doing very well, thank you. glenn: good. i'm glad to have you on the program. i wanted to talk to you. all the things that we have been talking about today, you guys are actually going after. i called you and i asked if
5:48 am
you knew about this propaganda or this indoctrination and you guys are doing an answer film to this? >> well, yes. when i originally saw the story myself, i was outraged and so my economics students worked with me this summer and we put together a story board that we're going to try to use as a classroom contrast for the story's stuff, because this letter just doesn't get it right and makes us ashamed to be americans, and while we really do need to be good stewards, there are extraordinary ways to do that using free markets. glenn: would you agree with me that one of the problems is that these people have organized -- i mean, most people didn't even know what a community organizer did, and these people have been organized for a very, very long time, and it is not about the free market system. it is not about anything that resembles what our constitution calls for. is that accurate, first of all, and is it accurate to say that it is now time for people to organize that hoff the
5:49 am
republican constitution because it is slipping through our fingers here? >> it is past the time to get together, glenn. the reality is i'm all for community organizers. i think it's great. i love it when like-minded people get together in coalitions. they don't even have to agree with me. i just want them to be intellectually honest. i don't want them to propagandize our children. i don't want them to manipulate our kids. i want honest debate in this country. that's what our foundation is about and that's what our film will do. glenn: i want to ask you some questions when we come back. i got to ask you because i feel the same way. i don't mind it if people disagree with me. just don't hide in the shadows. that's not what is happening. more in just a second.!e!e!e!e!e
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glenn: i said at the beginning of this broadcast tonight, i said these are not rhetorical questions. if i get it wrong, let me know and i will correct it. if it's not what is going on, let me know. i'm asking questions that i really do want answered, but i don't know if you can ask honest questions anymore in this society. lynn harsh is with us, the c.e.o. from the evergreen freedom foundation. lynn, you know, i'm coming comip to seattle to speak at safeco field, and i have a lot of really positive things to say. tickets are still available, by the way, glennbeck i have a lot of things to say and a lot of protestors are being bussed in from all over. i have no problem if they would come in and listen to it. most people don't even listen to each other anymore to know what they're actually saying. do you find that true?
5:54 am
>> that's right. that's frightening, glenn, because a free society depends on a literate engaged citizenry. that's the most frightening thing to me. we're going to rock the house saturday. you're going to give us a lot of good information. unlike buffy and her friends, we will not be using taxpayer dollars on this. glenn: god bless you on that. not a single taxpayer dime. >> that's right. but, you know, one of the things that just grieves me is for decades now we have been dropping our kids off at school hoping it turns out all right, hoping they get the proper education and learn to think. it's not turning out all right, and if we want to keep our free society, we, as parents, have to get engaged and we better do it right now. glenn: you were a teacher, weren't you? >> i was, and i still teach economics from time to time. glenn: and you actually left because just from what i know, you left when they asked you to join the union because you thought well, no, wait a minute. is that true?
5:55 am
>> well, i left because the administration decided that we were going to have to probably do, that but mostly because of the frustration of the system itself that hobbles extraordinary educators and waters down intellectual rigor, so i left to try to work from the outside in to clean it up, and here i am 16 years later, 20 years later, realizing, you know, we've worked very hard at the margins and we realize now that parents have to take this back. it has to be a public school system again, i mean a real public school system again. not a government-ununion-run monopoly but a real public system. glenn: america, we're fighting for what we believe in and so is the other side and that is good and we should have spirited debate. there is going to be passion. we're american. all of us, on both sides. we need to remain reasonable, and we need to remain peaceful on both sides. but the big thing you have to understand is, the other side
5:56 am
is way, way ahead. they have been organizing progressives, have been organizing, they have hijacked in the middle of the night the democratic party, and a lot of the republicans have been hijacked by the progressive movement as well. you got to get engaged. you got to find a group like lynn's or somewhere near you.
5:57 am
president obama: i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america.
5:58 am
the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 15.3%. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. as we speak, similar scenes are playing out in cities and towns across america.
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